Thursday, March 26, 2009

Welcome to Afghan Desk!

Afghan Desk is a one-man news service providing first hand reporting and analysis of the NATO adventure in Afghanistan. I will soon be on the ground with U.S. and coalition forces and in touch with locals who have a different perspective on the conflict.

Afghan Desk will break news, offer reasoned opinion and showcase good thinking and creative works about Afghanistan. I’ll have guest writers, interviews with opinion and decision makers, and hopefully, lots of input from our readers.

I'm just getting this thing up and running, but as my embed begins in the next two weeks, I promise much more content soon.

Thanks for stopping by, if you’d like to reach out to Afghan Desk, just drop an email here.


  1. Hi, back! Found your blog through bouhammer and I'm looking forward to following it. I've some close friends and family fixing to deploy over there, so I'm trying to read up as much as I can. Thanks for keeping us in the loop back here! Sending you warm thoughts/prayers/hippie vibes from CA!

  2. Great blog.

    Looking forward for new posts and information regarding NATO and their activities.

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